Camembert - Lightweight Code Editor / IDE

Camembert is a Free, Open source, lightweight IDE, written in Fantom.
It's multi-platform and can run on many platforms (Linux, Max, Windows...)

It supports Fantom projects but also many other projects such as Go, Node.js ,Maven, Python, Ruby etc...

It started as a fork of the BRIE Fantom editor by Brian Frank but has evolved a lot since to add many new features.

The focus is on being a "simple" editor yet provide built-in access to each language documentation as well as running commands.
Over time I have come to realize that the most advanced IDE's, while very effective, tend to make you a bit lazy and often
you will learn a lot more by looking at the proper API documentation than just using completion "blindly".
On the other many hand lightweight editor do not give any built-in access to the documentation at all so if you are somewhet new to a language it will be difficult.

More Info:

Builtin plugins: Fantom, Maven, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go projects
Add-on Plugins: Axon plugin (For Axon / Sparks development)


See the Camembert Installation page


Home space with lots of projects:


Fantom project


Go project


Maven Java project


Node.js project


Different theme


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