28/01/13 : Fantom Server Amazon AWS EC2 Image(AMI)

I've created a free public Fantom server instance image (AMI).

See more info here.

12/11/12 : Announcing Camembert

We have released the first version of Camembert, A lightweight IDE written in the Fantom programming language.

This is a Free and Open source project.

12/26/12 : Skyspark / Fantom Mac & Linux startup scripts

Those are generic init scripts for starting Skyspark or any Fantom server process.

They also let you run the server as a non-root user, which is safer, but note that if you want to run on port 80 you will still have to be root but you can proxy the Skyspark/Fantom server behind Apache or Nginx to get around this.

The scripts can easily be customized, juts edit the few variables at the top of the sripts.

They have been tested on Debian based distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) and work on Redhat, Centos and Suse as well.

See the Skyspark script here
And a more generic Fantom server script here

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