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Fantom & SkyFoundry

We have been involved with Fantom since early 2008. Writing code in Fantom and even an IDE plugin for it.
We are also familiar with the SkyFoundry platform including Sparks and Axon scripts development and consulting.
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Netbeans RCP

Experienced with development on the Netbeans RCP platform. Developed a programming language plugin from scratch using recent RCP API's.
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We have been doing Java development since version 1.1 ! Over 15 years of experience designing, developing and maintaining many large Java projects using a very wide variety of libraries over the years. More info

Web & Mobile

Experienced with modern web applications and mobile development: HTML5, REST, Javascript, Twitter bootstrap, Trigger.io, Jquery, Angular.js. Backbone.js and more.
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SAP Java (CRM / ISA)

Over 6 years of experience developing on an SAP patform(ERP & CRM), in particular the Java side of things: Netweaver, Internet Sales, CRM, IPC.
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Linux, Apache, DB

Over 10 years of experience using the Linux and Apache stack. Just about every Linux distribution over the years both as a system administrator and as a developer.
Also have extended experience using various databases, both managing them and using them, such as MySQL, PostgresQL as well as some modern No-SQL databases such as MongoDB, Neo4J and OrientDB. More info